The Hope of Easter

Life once was so dark – Fears and worries would not cease.

I tried applying earthly remedies, but nothing brought me peace.

I was often discontent, simply trying to fit in.

But no amount of effort steered me from this world of sin.

Oh to be accepted!  Oh to be loved!

If only I had looked up – and focused on the One above.

This Jesus came to save me from the toil, the strain and strife.

I didn’t understand at first, that I could have new life.

He went through agony for me, on a cruel and barren cross.

To make me new, to set me free, to remove the sinful dross.

He died, He rose victorious –

No longer in the grave!

He lives to intercede for me; I now feel strong and brave.

He doesn’t just improve our life, we’re now completely new!

So we not go out triumphantly, as He would have us do.