Our Mission: 

To restore and equip those impacted by crime, incarceration, and poverty by providing education, instilling life skills and giving hope to overcome circumstances



Be Finally Free sees the loneliness, shame and discouragement often found with the incarcerated, mission residents, their families, and victims of crime.   Connecting with others and building a sense of belonging begins transformation, by giving encouragement and inspiring people to take the next steps of healing and transformation.  Be Finally Free reaches out to jails, prison, missions and events targeting a struggling and neglected group of people.  Connection offers a sense of belonging and acceptance that spurs hope that brings change.


Perpetrators and victims of crime and anyone struggling to be free from homelessness, addictions or extreme challenges need education and improved life skills.  Life skills help overcome and deal more effectively with various circumstances.  Be Finally Free believes that fundamental to these struggles is a lack of mature relationship skills and inabilities to deal with anger, fear, parenting, forgiveness, boundaries and other key life skills.  Many of the students have never been around a healthy relationship environment where these skills are adopted through role-models, mentoring and quality relationships.


The incarcerated, mission residents, their families, and victims of crime need care and support as they transition through and out of their situation. Several avenues of care and support should be available as they face re-entry and face living in new situations.  Rebuilding and adapting to their lives is challenging.  Be Finally Free offers transition counseling and is working on programs to introduce people to a church family, build a mentoring relationship and offer family counseling.


A relationship with Jesus Christ is how people transform their lives and learn to love him and love others.  Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty and bring freedom to us all.  He heals and changes hearts, giving his love to each of his precious children.  Through evangelism events, bible studies and seminary training, Be Finally Free shares the love of Jesus Christ in jails, prisons, missions and with any opportunity.

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